Why we build the product?

DealPOS was founded to provide small businesses with an easy to use software to help manage their inventory and billing activities. We saw how many retailers struggle with their point of sale system and wanted to build an intuitive and user friendly register system.

Our Values?

We believe that great softwares should be easy and fun to use. It enables you to stay on top of your business while having the flexibility to manage it remotely.

Who is our ideal customers?

If you are starting a new small business or thinking of expanding your operation to manage multiple outlets in realtime then our cloud based software is a perfect fit for you. It enables you to quickly setup a point of sale checkout at your outlet and keep your inventory and sales reports in order.

How is it unique?

We are the first Online Point of Sale Software that offers Offline Check Out functionality, our product is built using the latest web standard HTML 5 which enables offline browsing through application cache.

What it plans to achieve / vision?

To be the world's leading Cloud Point of Sale (PoS) and Accounting software company that empowers our customers through great software anywhere anytime.